Thursday, January 20, 2011

The project is started!

On the 15th of January  2010  our EVS project started the Conservation of sea turtles. We are situated in Kazanli, a town near Mersin (Turkey).
In this team there are young Turkish people belonging to the  hosting organization and the volunteers are from Poland, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Latvia, Tunisia, France, Slovenia.
The main activity of volunteers consists of cleaning the beach from the rubbish covering it. This later is a real threat to the environment in general and  in particular for sea turtles that use that beach to lay their eggs in . These turtles are very endangered because of many reasons and in future they can disappear if we will not care for them and help them to survive.

Besides this, the volunteers are also working on initiatives to raise public awareness on environmental issues and the turtles, like this blog.